Earning Apps

Thee apps allow you to earn: you can earn real money or vouchers or points which you can then. exchange for money or vouchers.

Earn money with shopping

These apps allow you to earn money with with your shopping receipts


Earn money while browsing

You can earn some money while searching the web – below listed you can find the most popular apps, which will allow you to earn few extra pennies.

  • Qmee  this app has been founded in 2012. You can earn money while surfing the website or by filing up the surveys. It is easy and quick to get the hand on the money as you can link your PayPal account and transfer even few pennies – there is no limit? 
  • Swagbucks this app allows you to earn so called Swagbucks for browsing the web. You can then  convert the Swagbucks into Amazon gift cards or PayPal money if you earn enough Swagbucks to claim this. At the time of the writing PayPal £ 5.00 cost 800 Swagbucks. 🙂
  • Zoombucks