Shoppix that’s an application which allows you to collect tokens while scanning the receipts. You can exchange your points for iTunes, Love2Shop & Amazon vouchers or money (withdrawal via PayPal).

When downloading the app, make sure that you use code 0SOPIH6X – you can copy& paste as first digit is zero (this way both of us will get 200 bonus tokens 🙂 )

You can download Shoppix from GooglePlay& Apple Store

For every receipt you scan, you get 25 tokens – if you snap the receipt the same day, you will get an extra 5 tokens bonus. You can scan as many receipts as you wish each day – the limit for a week is 30 though. And please note that if you add two receipts from the same shop (purchase made on the same day), you will receive your points only once.

shop[ix survey shoppix receipts


You can also get extra tokens from surveys and answering quick questions. As an extra bonus, you cna also get scratchcards for completing surveys and uploading the receipts.


You can withdraw the tokens as vouchers for Love2Shop, Amazon, iTunes as well as you can withdraw the money using Paypal. The exchange is as below:

  • £5 – 3200 tokens
  • £10 – 6000 tokens
  • £20 – 11500 tokens

While taking a picture of the receipt, make sure it is readable and not broken. When taking the picture of the receipts we have few options: as standard, long or A4. Choose the right option for your receipt size.

NOTE Some supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Morissons issue receipts that are double sided- make sure that you snap both sides of the receipt!

This app is absolutely must have – as well as Receipt Hog (you can add the same receipts to both these apps!)


Happy squeezing!



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