Start squeezing here!

You can just simply follow this step by step guide.

For a starter, before you do any shopping online, please register with these cashback sites:

Search deals and compare which ones offer better % cashback. Make sure you enter the online store through links provided on the cashback sites to earn the cashback.

For shopping in stores, please install these apps below. They offer special discounts and coupons.

Before shopping you can also check for coupons from P&G with SuperSavvyme.

You can also earn points and then exchange them for PayPal money or Amazon vouchers, if you snap receipts. To do that, please install these apps:

  • BeMyEye – user code x6y60x to get £ 1.00 extra for your first completed mission
  • Receipt Hogg 
  • Shoppix -use code 0SOPIH6X to get 200 welcome tokens